About DeepMIA Lab

Deep Learning is a powerful tool with the potential to replace manual, inconsistent, and error-prone methods in clinical laboratories and to assist pathologists in case review. DeepMIA lab is currently focused on using deep learning, data fusion, and medical image analysis to develop optimized workflows for objective diagnosis, prognosis, and classification for a range of different diseases from cancer to non-cancer diseases. In addition to developing automated and objective mechanisms to reduce interobserver and intraobserver variability in cancer diagnosis, we also aim to enhance the speed, accuracy, and output of pathology laboratories with our digital clinical tools. Besides, we introduce comprehensive datasets of endoscopic and histopathological images for multiple organ instances in various studies for effective benchmarking. 




  BTK, Bogazici University Kandilli Campus, 34684 Uskudar/Istanbul

Administrative Assistant

İsmail Şahin: ismailsahin.pi@gmail.com




 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Turan

Bogazici University

Department of Computer Engineering